Ipsos MediaCT – MENA

Ipsos MediaCT – MENA

Ipsos Group, the world’s second largest survey-based research group, with a total billing of more than 950 million Euros in 2009, operates in the Middle East under the name Ipsos MENA using a wide range of advanced and analytical methodologies, from qualitative interviewing and analysis, to the most innovative techniques for collecting and processing quantitative data; by telephone via in-house CATI facilities, face-to-face, mail or, wherever possible, via the Internet.         

Ipsos MENA provides high quality services to more than 600 clients branched out across the region and the world, with a Middle East professional team consisting of more than 600 full time specialized research analysts who work on providing clients with innovative products and services with high value-added analytics, market insight, modeling and actionable solutions. Worldwide, over 9,000 full-time employees and 35,000 part time work to serve 5,000 clients, through 70,000 projects in over 66 key countries.

Ipsos views individuals as both citizens and consumers building psychological models and pieces together a clear picture of their expectations, motivations, and intentions. Ipsos calls this approach: “Nobody’s Unpredictable”. Thus, every year, Ipsos researches conduct more than 20 million interviews across the globe.

Ipsos specializations are served by six global brands recognized in all major markets; Ipsos ASI (Advertising Research Specialists), Ipsos Marketing (Innovation and Brand Research Specialists), Ipsos MediaCT (Media, Content and Technology Research Specialists), Ipsos Public Affairs (Social Research and Corporate Reputation Specialists), Ipsos Loyalty (Customer and Employee Research Specialists), Ipsos Observer (Survey Management, Data Collection and Delivery Specialists).

Ipsos MediaCT helps clients make connections in the digital age and is a leader in providing research solutions for companies in the fast-moving and rapidly converging worlds of media, content, telecoms and technology. Ipsos MediaCT measures the number and profile of people consuming media or accessing content across and between individual platforms. Ipsos MediaCT has developed a number of innovative approaches in the audience measurement arena including MediaCell, a passive measurement technology embedded in cell phones which monitor media usage, with ground-breaking Out-of-Home audience measurement integrating GPS technology and other measures using complex modeling procedures.

Ipsos MediaCT is also introducing its online audience measurement systems to the MENA region, covering Internet users' behavior, Internet audience profiles and online advertising campaign effectiveness.

The recently launched Online study in the MENA region is the Ipsos/Gemius Audience Measurement Study.  Since 2002, Ipsos Gemius has conducted studies in 16 markets across Europe, making use of a world-scale unique methodology, which consists of integrating site-centric research with panel studies and offline structural data.  Due to these characteristics, it has become the standard in online audience measurement within the industry, not only in nearly all Central and Eastern Europe countries, but also in Denmark and Turkey.  All participating companies operating within the internet industry may profit from the opportunities brought by this research. Publishers can show clients how their advertising potential grows. Media Agencies, and with the easy access to the data comparable between different publishers, can plan internet ad campaigns much more effectively, while advertisers can easily obtain information on how their advertising budgets are spent. A ground breaking approach that surely addresses the needs of our fast growing regional online markets.

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